our third edition happened last 18th of april and we were very happy to welcome two amazing poets from berlin, in two new languages!

kassy lavoix (FR) performed her beautiful and imagetic poems with the basses of DADDIES ON ACID, a queer collective from berlin running a free party in the (in)famous sexklub Ficken3000 every last Wednesday of the month. Pato aka XORI (AR), performing his works for the very first time, presented his specially wry, sudaca poetry

all their poems, in original and EN + DE translations available to download under “previous//recording”

fotos: henrique palazzo

header illustration: lisa jura

facebook event: https://tinyurl.com/y6nblxe6


fotos: letícia faria

KUIR #2 took place last march in são paulo. the idea of organizing our a queer reading in brazil is obviously not to be separated from the current political circumstances of the country. ever since the elections in 2018, there have been hundred cases of murders of LGBTIQ+ people, whereas the prior situation was already by far too alarming

how shall the freedom of gender remain under such scenarios? and regarding the singularities of contemporary brazilian society and culture, what does ‘queer’ mean at all? is that a foreign, colonialistic term or does it possibly exist & resist in a very own fashion? 

for this edition #2, KUIR invited cecília floresta, joão pedro innecco and preto téo to share their thoughts and perform their poetry to an intimate crowd at vila itororó — an urbanistic project from the municipality of são paulo, which has opened its doors to us. you can find the results (fanzine + video) of this edition under ‘previous//recordings’

facebook event: https://tinyurl.com/y6egykdb


KUIR’s first edition was a BLAST!

in our very first time, we welcomed alex alvina and joão v. osborne on our stage. (fb event: https://tinyurl.com/yahwhtxo). also, you can find from now on our fanzine #1 under “previous//recordings” available to download

we thank you all so much for coming and supporting this project!

KUIR will now fly to brazil to organize edition #2 in são paulo. we’ll be happy to welcome you for KUIR #4 back in berlin, around the 3rd week of april!

until there, spread the word: WE’RE LOOKING FOR QUEER POETS! open-call and further infos under “about//open-call”

KUIR is a collaborative, independent project that aims at promoting queer poets in berlin and creating a non-normative, safe and creative space of resistance, where we can exchange and mingle.

in the trans-queer-homophobic and misogynist world we still live in, the search of a non-normative identity is marked by a series of struggles, desires, fears and many other particular experiences that shape very uniquely our queer existence and subjectivity.

KUIR wants to find and welcome your dissident, subversive voice on our stage.

every month, we’ll invite two poets to read//perform. a fanzine with EN and DE translations will be printed out for each KUIR night and will be available for sale at the door. we also plan on recording all readings//performances to publish them at our website.

if you feel you want to share with us your work, send us an email (kuir.poetry@gmail.com) with a little sample of your poems//texts (6-10 pages pdf file; audio and videos file also very welcome), a paragraph about yourself and your work – and we’ll get back to you!

KUIR wants to collaborate with poets representing the plurality of berlin’s queer scene regarding not only gender, but also race, class and migration backgrounds. that means ALL queer people welcome and ALL languages too!

this is an ongoing open-call, therefore no deadlines apply.

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